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patti ann: "america live" starts right now. martha: we start this hour with fox news alert, there are new questions and some fresh fallout today after the casey anthony verdict. welcome to "america live" this afternoon, everybody i'm martha maccallum in nor megy for megyn. you heard the verdict. you saw it all unfold live yesterday here. we're waiting to find out whether the judge will allow 25-year-old casey anthony to walk out of the jail tomorrow a free woman and perhaps a marketable celebrity. speculation swirls over whether the 25-year-old will profit from the death of her two-year-old daughter, caylee. we are learn that casey may not be the only one in the line of fire today. a new report says that her parents, george and cindy anthony, seen here returning home after the verdict last night have gone into hiding after receiving death threats. meanwhile we wait to see when
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the jurors will begin to talk. in minutes we will speak to one alternate juror in that trial. he will tell us how he reached his decision in that courtroom. first let's get down to phil keating live outside the courthouse in orlando where he has been all of these weeks watching this process, and the questions, phil, really still linger today about how this little girl ended up dead and in the woods. phil keating. >> reporter: for at least one more night casey anthony will sleep where she has slept for most of the past three years, down at the orange county jail where she remains in custody. at 9:00am tomorrow she will return to the downtown orlando county courthouse, go back up on that 23rd floor for the sentencing hearing for the four counts of lying to the cops, and that happens at 9:00am tomorrow. that is the same courtroom where yesterday on live television she beat the murder case against her. that was broadcast live on the
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fox news channel yesterday afternoon, and as that not guilty, after not guilty, after not guilty verdict was read on the very serious charges of killing her daughter, caylee marie anthony, casey anthony first started to cry and then broke into an enormous grin, a grin on her face like we have not seen for the past three years. all the jury convicted her of was the four counts of lying to investigators. the sentencing hearing for that is 9:00am tomorrow. not one of the 12 jurors who rendered this verdict has yet to choose to identify themselves or explain their rational. one of the alternates says he agrees with that verdict saying the state's circumstantial case simply was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. the fact that caylee anthony's remains were not found until all that was left with a skeleton with all of the potential crime scene evidence, fingerprints, dna totally lost, definitely hurt the prosecution.
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>> the delay in recovering little caylee's remains worked to our considerable disadvantage. our mountain of evidence did not eliminate in the jury's view every reasonable doubt. the investigators, the scientists, and the prosecutors did their job, so did the jury. we do not criticize them. so did the dense, they did a good job. >> reporter: casey anthony's defense team, and in particular her attorney jose baez yesterday truly david beating goliath, they were underdogs beyond underdogs, reached by phone casey anthony's uncle expressed his astonished reaction to the verdict. >> it was a shock, well certainly it was. it was a shock. everybody was shocked. my concern right now is for my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law, and their relationship and where they are at because obviously they were on the same page but not always on the same page when they were
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in that courtroom, and george is the one that was harmed the most, and, you know, i just want to see that george is vindicated through this. that is my feeling. >> reporter: if judge perry decides tomorrow to really use a hard line assessing the letter of the law, considering the time that casey has already spent in jail, and if he gives her the four years for the four counts of lying to the cops she could have to serve an additional 2 years and 3 months but it is definitely in the judge's power to set her free tomorrow. martha: we'll see what happens. phil, thank you so much for everything in covering this case throughout. coming up we have two interviews here today that you do not want to miss. we're going to hear from the juror in the trial who says that the acquittal was the only option. russell hookler who you see arriving home last night did not ultimately decide casey's fate but he sat through six weeks of grueling testimony as alternate juror number 14. he listened to it all with awful the fellow jurors and he said that the evidence to convict
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casey, quote, wasn't there. >> i would say also this was a dysfunctional family that is hurting, and because they were so dysfunctional, you know, that's the way they dealt with their issues and their problems, and it's a shame, because it was an accident that became a murder scene. martha: so, plus from the moment that this verdict came down yesterday many of us across the country started to compare it in many ways to the o.j. simpson murder verdict. back in 1995 -- >> we find the defendant -- martha: all right, back in 1995 an estimated 150 million people watched that moment. who can forget it. o.j. simpson found not guilty in the murders of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend, ronald goldman. now when that verdict came in goldman's father could be seen holding his daughter as she burst into tears.
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coming up on "america live" we will talk with fred goldman about the comparisons in these two cases, why he knows exactly what it was like to be in the shoes of some of those family members in the courtroom yesterday, and why he worried all along that casey anthony would be set free. and after spending 997 days behind bars, tomorrow could be the day that casey anthony, we could watch her walk right out of that building and into her new life tomorrow. the sentencing will happen at 9:00am eastern. you can watch that sentencing right in "america's newsroom." if you're closer to a computer than tv you can catch it live streaming on who doesn't want to watch that tomorrow. we will all be focused on that of course. stunning new details about the controversial gun running program that is known as operation fast and furious. the botched federal sting that ended up allowing guns to flow across the border, u.s. guns into the country of mexico, and
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right now congress is digging into just how far an alleged government cover up of that scheme may have gone. william la jeunesse live on this once again for us from los angeles. >> reporter: the last 48 hours this investigation has gone from about this big to this big. some officials may have already been caught lying. not only that, now we're told u.s. wasn't just helping send guns to mexico, taxpayers paid for some of those guns. and more than one federal agency knew about it. that's the latest in the scandal we know as fast and furious. according to sources an f.b.i. informant allegedly used taxpayer money to buy guns on behalf of the cartels, the f.b.i. knew it, they allowed it to happen and they failed to tell congress or the agency that was investigating him, causing that agency, the atf to spend two years, thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars pursuing information the f.b.i. already had about a man,
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the atf would never be allowed to arrest because he worked for the f.b.i. this information was confirmed this week sources say by the acting atf director ken nelson who met secretly on july 4th with congressman darrell issa and senator charles grassley. nelson who is going to be the fall guy in this scandal dropped a few bombs in his deposition indicating others in the department of justice in a cover up. in a letter to the attorney general eric holder darrell issa says, quote, the whole misguided operation might have been cut short if not for the catastrophic failures to share key information. >> there is no way that nelson or any atf agent could have orchestrated and conducted this program which was a multijurisdiction program that had justice department, u.s. attorneys and more importantly wiretaps authorized very much above ken melson's pay grade.
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>> reporter: he warned holder not to fire melson. this story got a whole lot bigger, the stakes are a lot my higher. the question is how high up the ladder does this go, who is going to be implicated. so far no response from the department of justice. martha: big developments. thank you very much. william la jeunesse will have more on that come up. the battle over the nation's skyrocketing debt is raging right now on capitol hill. at stake is the ability of the federal government to simply pay the bills. and the country's economic future is also at stake in all of this. take a listen to senate majority leader harry reid blasting his republican colleagues. listen to this. >> these negotiations will determine what kind of a nation we're going to be. they will also determine the character of the republican party as well. martha: just a short time ago house majority leader eric cantor spoke to fox about tomorrow's meeting that will take place at the white house. eric cantor said, quote, the
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president said leave the talking points at the door, i hope he takes his own advice, those words coming from eric cantor. let's go to wendell goler who is live at the white house. good afternoon. >> reporter: in addition to the usual construction we've got a wood chipper doing some tree work in back of me that will test the abilities of this directional mike. the president meeting tomorrow with the democrat and republican leaders of the house and senate, his spokesman jay carney said today mr. obama is willing to compromise and lawmakers should come here ready to do the same. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says republicans think their bottom line is reasonable. >> we don't think it's absolutist to oppose more stimulus spending. we don't think it's wrong to oppose tax hikes in the middle of a crisis. we have a better term for it, common-sense. >> reporter: the president's aids say you can't come up with the more than $2 trillion in
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deficit reduction by that cut in spending alone. kent conrad has a proposal that divides it half and half but republicans are unlike will he to go along with a trillion dollars in higher taxes. illinois democratic senator dick durbin says excessive tax cuts are part of the problem. >> those who are arguing that the best way to get the american economy moving forward at this point is to give tax cuts to the wealthiest people in america have forgotten their history. that's exactly what we did under president george w. bush and look what happened, the biggest deficits in the history of the united states. >> reporter: about an hour from now the president will answer questions on a twitter town hall, the most likely -- the most common subject likely to be the economy and jobs. martha. martha: no doubt, thank you very much. he has covered many administrations, but fox news senior political analyst brit hume says president obama is doing something that he has not seen in a very longtime.
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>> this president is in his full a political retreat as this town has seen in many years. martha: we'll get reaction to that statement from the man who led howard dean's presidential campaign, joe trippi. he'll be here to talk about that moments away. he was convicted of murdering a teenage girl and is set to be executed tomorrow, so why is the white house stepping in to try to stop this? plus, a gaping hole rips through this plane after take off, now the never before heard exchange between the pilot and the controller. you're not going to believe this. to get this plane back on the ground before it was too late. >> it's crazy, but i mean it was a cabin depressurization, explosion, they were explaining it to mement it was quite scary actually. >> what did it feel like? >> it was frightening. >> you hear a horrible noise.
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martha: back on "america live." the white house is taking on texas, asking the supreme court to stop the execution of a man from mexico who was convicted of raping and murdering a 16-year-old girl. trace gallagher has the story for us live in the west coast newsroom. hey, trace. >> reporter: the condemned man is named humberto leal, a mexican national but live in this country since he was 2 years old. in 1995 he was convicted of raping and murdering a 16-year-old girl. the details were stor horrific. the evidence was strong. the jury convicted the man in 45 minutes. here is the controversy. critics, including the obama administration says leal was never given proper access to the mexican cons lore to help get
1:17 pm
legal assistance and knave gate the u.s. justice system. they say that is a violation of the vienna treaty signed back in 1963. the international court of justice which is the legal body of the united nations says the u.s. was bound by that treaty. president george w. bush asked the states to apply it. texas pushed back saying it would not abide by an international court ruling. the entire case then went to the supreme court and back in 2008 the supreme court ruled that only congress could pass a law to make the states abide by that treaty. now three years later congress has finally introduced a bill, but it will never pass in time to save the life the leal. only the supreme court can stay the execution or texas governor rick perry. the texas governor's office has now released a statement saying and i'm quoting here, if you commit the most heinous of crimes in texas, you can expect to face the ultimate penalty
1:18 pm
under our laws. you have the attorney general, eric holder, the secretary of state hillary clinton saying that the united states should abide by this treaty, because if we don't that all of the united states citizens who are arrested abroad can receive similar treatment, and then you have texas saying, no, this man committed a heinous crime and he will die as scheduled tomorrow. martha: boy that is a fascinating legal debate and an awful situation. trace, thank you very much, trace gallagher with that story for us from our west coast newsroom. coming up fox news senior political analyst brit hume calling it as he sees it. listen to this. >> this president is in as full a political retreat as this town has seen in many years. he what's elected to fix the economy but people think he and his party have failed and exploded the nation's debt in the process. martha: more on that, so the big question now, what does president obama need to do to rally his base? we've got joe trippi on that
1:19 pm
coming up. plus it's like something out of a disaster movie, look at this. a 50-mile wide wall of dust swallows the entire phoenix/arizona area. it's unbelievable. we'll show you the details. look at this thing. we'll be right back. >> we are on the roof of terminal four, nine stories up. it's so dark out here you can't even see the runway. there are planes waiting at the gates too, you can't see them either. it's so windy up here it's hard to stand up straight.
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martha: these will be some of the political hot potatoes in 2012, you have the weak economy, america's exploding debt. the very controversial issue of afghanistan, and fox news senior
1:23 pm
political analyst brit hume who thinks these issues could spell some real trouble for president obama's re-election chances. here is what he said. >> this president is in as full a political retreat as this town has seen in many years. he what's elected to fix the economy but people think he and his party have failed and exploded the nation's debt in the process. his political base is cranky about the war in afghanistan, unhappy that he failed to end the bush tax cuts and worried now that he may be willing to cut spending significantly to win an increase in the debt ceiling. mr. obama knows he must stir his base to have any hope of re-election. he knows also that if the independent dents who backed him in 2008 and deserted him and his party last fall his base won't be good enough. martha: former howard dean's campaign manager joe trippi joins me now. what is your reaction to what brit said last night. >> i agree with him and disagree with him. the place i agree with him is
1:24 pm
the independent voters. i think the base of the democratic party will be with barack obama and i think the republicans and the tea party wing of the republican party are helping with that and are going to help with that. those people will be there in the end. the lack of intensity, yes, look, young people, hispanics, african-americans, progressives may be a little less intense for the president. even if you drop that turn out to normal numbers he still would have beaten john mccain. i think in the end that part will be fine, they'll stick with the president. the problem is as brit hume put his finger on it, that won't be enough. you have to get the independent voters, people who were overwhelmingly with obama in 2008 to come back, because they left the party big time in 2010. martha: you make a really interesting point. in this case his base will not be fired up in your opinion by the things that they were sort of inc entranced by, in terms of
1:25 pm
pulling out of iraq they thought this was a president that wasn't going to stay long committed to wars. he has acted in many ways very similar to president bush in terms of how he dealt with iraq and then with afghanistan. you think what will fuel them will be sort of stirring up antitea party ferver among that base. the independents have fallen dramatically. a couple of years ago you had 60% in support, independents of president obama, now they are at 40%. that may not be enough to do it. >> no, and look it's the economy, and that's what this is going to be about. it is jobs, jobs, jobs. one of the things the deficit debate has taken the president away from is the fight on jobs, and i think that's where he has to get to, because in the end these independent voters are looking at the economy. look, democrats, base voters are going to blame this all on george bush, the president
1:26 pm
inherited the problem. independents are willing to give the president that benefit of the doubt for a while but that has clearly changed in the last few months. and so now it's put up time. we are getting to the point here where there is going to have to see some progress there or i think, yes, it's going to be a tough re-election campaign for the president. martha: it's going to come down to certain states. you see him talking a lot about manufacturing and mark zandy who advises him or speaks a lot about the economy on his behalf to a certain extend he's saying manufacturing seems like it's come back. you have the president going to places like iowa and north carolina that he won last time. it's really going to come down to, as it always does is state-by-state battle to convince the independents state-by-state, that somehow they are better off than they were before. and that is going to be a tough argument. >> there are two things going for the president, he won so many states last time that he could lose some pretty i big states and still win the
1:27 pm
election. secondly, it's very difficult to defeat an incumbent president of the united states. jimmy carter was a very unpopular president. ronald reagan barely defeated him. they say the great communicator, that all came afterwards. martha: this will be great to watch and we'll do it with your help. always good to see you. time is running out as congress struggles over what they are going to do about the nation's borrowing limit. they have to do it by july 22nd to avoid defaulting on u.s. loans for the first time in history. yesterday the president says we will meet, he says we've got to all come together and leave our agendas at the door, he wants to p sit down tomorrow with leaders at the white house. already some republicans say if the president does not accept reality, it will be all for nothing. we have a fair & balanced debate about where the president is
1:28 pm
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martha: a manhunt is underway for an armed suspects. the search closed down a major highway in maryland. trace gallagher has the details for us. >> reporter: a couple pictures. the left hand side of your screen you can see they shu down that parkway, the
1:32 pm
baltimore-washington parkway. you can see no cars on it. the car on the right apparently someone came out of the woods with a sledgehammer and busted the window of that car and ran back into the woods. the problem is this guy was said to be carrying a long gun, either a rifle or shotgun. the initial reports came in this guy was firing as the vehicles on that parkway which is why they have shut it down. and they have a manhunt underway. this is happening just south of baltimore. they are looking for a guy in his 50s and six who came out of the roadway, crushed a vehicle, then went back in. that's where the area is focused right now. the entire road as you can see is shut down so nobody can gets to or from the airport without having to go around. we are keeping our eyes on this to see what he's wanted for if he did fire shots.
1:33 pm
as soon as we find out more we'll get back to you. in the meantime, president obama has extends an invitation to members of congress, inviting leaders from both sides of the aisle to come meet him at the white house to hammer out a debt ceiling deal. at the same time we have harry reid who turned up the heat a bit on this issue. >> yesterday my distinguishes republican counter parts said the debate over the debt crisis is a debate over what kind of country we are going to be. i agree. that many certainly true. will we be the kind of country that protects tax breaks and giveaways for the richest people while sacrificing seniors and the middle class? these negotiations will determine what kinds of nation we are going to be and determine the character of the republican
1:34 pm
party as well. martha: joining me now for a fair and balanced debate. former aide to senator chuck schumer and radio host christopher plants. that's what harry reid sounds like when he's all fired up. we have a big meeting tomorrow with the white house. >> it depends on which have you can party shows up. when ronald reagan passed massive tax cuts in 1981 and it had a negative impact on the economy, in 1982 he passed a tax equity and fiscal responsibilities act which took back two-thirds of that tax cut. we know what happened to the economy in the as it after that. it recovers beautifully and reagan went on to a landslide election. show the republicans have to answer the question, who do they want to be like? no tax increases even if it means closing loopholes.
1:35 pm
or ronald reagan who believes in fiscal responsibility even if it meant raising taxes. martha: chris? >> i'm glad to see democrats endorsing president reagan's economic policies, a republican economic policy. corporate jets in we are still trying that? that what this is about? charles krauthammer brillantly pointed out you could collect that corporate jet tax for the next 7 thousand years and it would not offset one year of obama deficit spending. this is a classic of republicans attacking the deficit and democrats attacking republicans. this is about the food fight and it's about fiscal responsibilities. that's the relationship can party that will show up tomorrow. >> i was on kilmeade and friend on the radio and senator
1:36 pm
deminutes was on and we were talking to him. where don't we just why don't we make a corporate tax rate that is fair and equitable. the same tax rates, completely acts board. no pointing fingers. this is a bad company be this is an industry we do like, this is an industry we don't like. senator demints said to me, i don't think you will get democrats to go for that. >> if you eliminate the loopholes that are causing corporations not to pay any taxes as all. martha: do you think general electric should pay taxes? >> absolutely. if we can reduce loopholes and lower the corporate tax rate. i'm not saying it's going to fix everything. but republicans wants to get rid
1:37 pm
of the nuclear regulatory commission. the tax cuts to corporate jets would bring that in twice. martha: the points is, you can't point fingers at one industry over another. you can't talk about corporate jets because people build corporate jets for a living. they sell corporate jet shares for a living. it's perfectly legal. this is the question that we are facing in all of this. are we willing to do tax reform? that kind of reform will get you some increased tax revenues by virtue of undertaking it, chris plant. >> the republicans that show up tomorrow will bring corporate tax reform. we have either the highest or second highest corporate tax burden on the planet. >> but nobody paid it. >> you are yelling as the republicans, calling people names. i heard republicans on another station being called hostage takers, suicide bombers.
1:38 pm
here is the reality. we know chris and you know perfectly well. we need to deal with social security, we need to deal with immediate care and medicaid. that's -- we need to deal with medicare and medicaid. and what the republicans wants versus what we wants versus what we want is hooey. i'm getting sick and tired of the complete lack of leadership and irresponsibility and the food throwing going on in washington. martha: do you think that we could get a balanced budget amendment over the course of the next three weeks? >> a balanced budget amendment in three weeks? no. it's too complicated. martha: in the end if we ever do it, that's probably how long it will take to get it together to do it. >> we need jobs, not a balanced budget. >> jobs, jobs, jobs.
1:39 pm
ronald reagan's economic policy created a lot of them. >> he raised the debt ceiling 17 times. >> that was before we had $14 trillion in debt. and as a percentage of gdp it's out of control. martha: gentlemen, thank you very much. we'll see you next time. thank you, guys. this is what we are going to talk about in a moment. it is a terror tactic that no patdown can detect. this is very disturbing story that emerged today, how explosives could be smuggled onboard jets in a way we never thought of before. maybe this is what's on the minds of the jurors who heard the casey anthony case. he will tell us yes agrees with the verdict that stunned so many
1:40 pm
people including casey anthony's mom and dad. >> how do you put duct tape on wet hair? how? i don't know what trial they were in. >> it's horrible. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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like you deserve. looks really good. call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policyhat's right for you. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? martha: take a look at this footage of a dust storm that descended on phoenix, arizona. the dust seeped into the terminal and choked travelers as they were walking through there. they were stranded because nothing could get in or out. the passengers from one plane said the plane touched down with the cloud coming in on their tail. >> we were wiegd wave of stands.
1:44 pm
we were saying are we going to make it in then the wall hit it right when the plane came to the gate. >> we came back around and when we land it was crazy. martha: the national weather service said the storm hit with 60-mile-an-hour winds. it reached 5,000 feet high. look at that picture. it stretched across dozen of miles. today the airport is reopened and crews are rushing to restore tour thousands of homes that lost electricity during that storm. what a sight that is out of phoenix, arizona today. an alternate juror for the casey anthony purchase trial is speaking out. he says those who passed judgment on her got the verdicts right. here to explain right is alternate juror russell hookler.
1:45 pm
can you hear me okay? i don't think russell is hearing. >> yes. martha: obviously you heard a lot of the backlash since this trial ended. what is your response? >> i'm amazed. the way we were sequestered we got no news of what was going on outside -- outside orlando and around the country. so when i got home last night and after the verdict had been announced, the news stations and the public's reaction to me it was unbelievable. martha: you said -- i'm trying to figure out a few thing about this verdict. how do you think caylee anthony died? >> that would be pure speculation on my part. i think only casey knows. and possibly the rest of the
1:46 pm
members of her family. but beyond that it would be speculation. no one knows how she died. and i think that was one of the factors where the prosecutors did not meet the burden of proof. it was beyond a reasonable doubt doubt. martha: the fact that there were traces of chloroform in the trunk did not lead to you believe chloroform was used on this child and the fact that there was duct tape wrapped around the head did not lead you to believe that this child was murdered? >> well, let's discuss the chloroform issue first. there weren't a great -- from what i nunts media, they are making out there was a large amount of chloroform. but the evidence did not show that. martha: i said traces. i don't think there are traces of chloroform in my trunk. are there traces of chloroform in your trunk. >> it could be if i'm cleaning
1:47 pm
out the trunk using cleaning products. martha: let's -- go ahead. address the duct tape. >> the duct tape wasn't wrapped around the skull as i heard earlier on on the commercial. they were showing the three different pieces of duct tape. the three pieces of duck tape were actually fairly small. martha: because there was a skeleton found with three small pieces of duct tape wrapped in two plastic bag, even though that was connected to duct tape connected at the anthony home. a lot of attorneys agree with you, eve, geraldo rivera among . there wasn't enough that you thought was argued in a legitimate way about it prosecution. a lot of curiosity is surrounding the fact that she was convicted on four counts of
1:48 pm
lie together officers. i'm curious what the discussion is like, what was she lying about? what was she covering up? you have to have some basis of what they are lying about. >> you are right. this is two parts of the question. number one, i wasn't in the discussions in the deliberation. so how they -- what they brought up about the lying i do not know. yes, it's been brought up, she was lying for 31 days. how could you believe that? well, what people are forgetting with casey, these lies didn't start with 31 days, they started 2 years previously. this was the way she operated unfortunately. martha: did you think she was a good mother? you said something about -- you couldn't be convinced this woman -- you thought she was a good mother and wouldn't do this
1:49 pm
to her child, is that right? >> that's what the evidence showed. the prosecution brought in a number of casey's friends. every witness said what a great mother she was. a caring and loving mother. we were going by the evidence presented touts. no one presented to us that she was an unfit mother. there was no allegation of abuse with caylee. so i go with what the evidence presented to us. the evidence presented to us was she was a good mother. martha: how familiar were with you this case whatever you went on the jury? >> very, very little. i heard about the case originally that a child was missing in that july, then didn't hear anything else. then when they -- in december when the body was found i remember recalling that being on the news. so i knew very little about the
1:50 pm
case. martha: i have to ask one more question about george anthony. what is your understanding, why did you feel he lacked credibility or he knew something more than was revealing? >> again it's speculation on my part. at times george was not a credible witness on the stand. that was shown through his testimony and through his impeachment. martha: thank you very much for being with us. it's good to hear at least a little bit how the jurors per side of the. it's so shocking to so many people. we thank you for sharing your time with us. >> i would like to say one thing quickly. a compliment to the orlando sheriff's department and to judge perry how well they treated the jury during our sequestration. it was fantastic. martha: you guys did your service and we appreciate it.
1:51 pm
fred goldman is coming up to talk about his reaction to all of this.
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
martha: here is a high-speed chase you don't see every day. this thoroughbred causing lot of problems on a busy highway. trace gallagher live on this in our west coast newsroom. >> reporter: this is in lawrence, ohio. this is a 7-year-old arabian named java. the horse decide as you can see there to make a run for it.
1:55 pm
he's going down highway 21. this is police dash cam video. the first the horse is weaving in and out of traffic. it been from the road onto the median. then back onto the road. this chase lasted some eight miles. at one point they tried to box it in. it didn't w. the horse snuck around the outside and kept going. eight miles. the horse finally. >pooped camedown and captured hn horse. listen to a horse expert for insight followed by the police who were involved. >> when they have room to run they will that's what they will do. they are a flee animal, not a prey animal. no one was hurt including the horse and it's returned safely
1:56 pm
to its owner so we had a good ending. the horse is going at a pretty good clip so they were worried about this horse getting hurt. and the traffic was a big factor. the horse runs, back in the corral. >> he's a flee horse. he's doing that very well. trace, thank you very much. the current 2012 front runner mitt romy slamming the president on his economy. michael reagan will join us with his take on that. some are comparing the casey anthony not verdict trial to the moment that o.j. was acquitted. coming up we'll talk with the father of one of the victims in that case.
1:57 pm
that's coming up. >> superior court of the state of california, county of los angeles. we the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant not guilty of the crime of murder in violation of 187a a felony as charged in count 2 of the information. there's another way litter box dust:e purina tidy cats. our premium litters now work harder to help neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home.
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2:00 pm
martha: sounding the alarm on what could be a frightening new tactic for terrorist. the tsa is warning airlines to be on alert for something no patdown to ever he detective. surgically implanted he can pleasives. suicide attackers going under the knife, having bombs start inside their bodies. american intelligence aware of this idea for a while now. but there is new information that leads them to believe terrorists are seriously considering this method. catherine hair edge joins us live from washington. >> two sources tell fox the threat information that led to the tsa warning as the signature of the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. in that case the detenator was strapped to the grown it suspect
2:01 pm
and the bomb maker was a savvy a lirks shir issued a non-detectable explosive. that led to the controversial patdown policies at the airports. the american cleric was the middleman between that underwear bomber. he also coached the underwear bomber on how to avoid security. given this group and the street credits. while this intelligence is not described to fox as specific or imminent, the warning reads in part. recent intelligence incase
2:02 pm
terrorist to target aviation. they are saying this threat information is credible, martha. march around thank you very much. here comes another fox news alert. this court action for the mob boss who took usama bin laden's spot on the most wanted list. whitey bulger is being arraigned on 19 murders. the taxpayers will be picking up the tab for his defense. molly? >> reporter: there are 19 murder victims in this case and their family members have been waiting in some cases decades for
2:03 pm
justice. some of the alleged murders tack place in the early 70s, and the early 90s as well. 10 of those family members are in court today to watch whitely bulger facing the judge. there were women, there were men. there was a millionaire businessman from oklahoma. there were other mobsters. gang were rivals and innocent people that were killed, just people in the wrong place at the wong time. one of the victims happened to be driechght same type of car one of the intended mid victims owed at the time. there were a number of accidents and people taken out that had nothing to do with the crime scene in south boston. this is expected to be very expensive. the defense attorney that has been appointed by the state that will be appointed by the taxpayers said this case will be complicated and he needs help. he's asking ther to the to hire this partner to come onto the case as well.
2:04 pm
one of the most controversial thing that happened is whitey bulger was brought to court a week ago vi koig chopper. and people have argued this flight was too much for the taxpayers to pay and it's just beginning. >> they could have driven him there. this is going to be very interesting. thank you very much. molly line in boston. there are brand-new developments in the sexual assault case against the former imf chief. lawyers are meeting in the manhattan district attorney's offers. they are calling the meeting productive. serious doubts emerging about the credibility of the accuser. the hotel maid still alleged that kahn tried to rape her. but she was found to have lied on her asylum application and tax returns.
2:05 pm
now there is word that the d.a. could dismiss this case entirely. on top of that story, we'll bring you break developments as we get them as well. solving america's problems in 140 characters or less. president obama taking the town hall meeting to twitter. it's going on right now. anybody looking to pose their question to the president is asked to tweet with the hash tag, the pound sign, ask obama. you can watch just head over to and you can take part in that while you watch america live on the other side. the governor of montana is vowing to stick to exxon mobil like the smell of a skunk, he says. the governor says he will do so for as long as it takes for the company to clean up that weekend oil spill.
2:06 pm
a pipeline burst in the yellow stone river spilling a thousand barrels of crude oil into that waterway. now the question is how far downstream is that oil spreading? >> how far the oil has traveled cowan stream is in dispute. if you think about how fast the river was moving it would make sense some of that hoyle has made its way to north dakota. in the most recent statement. the ex none president said the farthest they can confirm the crude has traveled is 25 miles downstream. the pipeline that runs underneath the river broke open. those on the ground say some of the grassland will be difficult if not impossible to recover because that oil is so sticky
2:07 pm
and hard to remove. birds, deer and other animals can gets away. others are stuck. >> the aquatic ecosystem will be a more difficult thing to assess. they form the food basis, the food change for all the fish and whatever else eats fish. so that could be more serious and more long term. >> reporter: governor switzer made it clear he's going to keep the pressure on exxon mobil to get this mess cleaned up. originally the line spilled for 30 minutes. it turns out it was close eastern hour. the governor told me he's a soil scientist. that means nothing is going to get past him. >> we just told but an emerging threat to airline security. that would likely go undetected in typical tsa screenings.
2:08 pm
congressman peter king chairman of the homeland security committee on the possibility of surgically implanted empleasives. mitt romney going after president obama. instead of attacking his republican competitors. michael reagan and whether we have the right strategy on that. an attorney upset by the way a sacred indian temple was managed so he asked the local court to take over. when they did, you won't believe what they stumbled. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh...
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ellen, 47, got a $250,000 policy for under $20 a month. all it takes is a phone call. your personal selectquote agent will answer all your questions ... and impartially shop the highly rated term life companies selectquote represents for your best rates. give your family the security it needs at a price you can afford. call this number or go to selectquote dot com. selectquote. we shop. you save. martha: we are back. president obama is taking parts in this twitter town hall meeting. this is a first. that's the head of twitter you
2:12 pm
see on the stage with him. 70% of the questions coming in are about jobs and the economy. we have this whole thing streaming live on if you want to keep one eye on that you can pull that on and take a look at that. "obama is the tweet on that one. now as promised, the leading republican in the race for 2012 attacking president obama's economic policies. mitt romney going after the white house and focusing on that more than his gop opponents at this stage of the game, trying to strike a cord with americans who are hard hit by the rescission. >> the president came in and he didn't cause the recession as you know. that was heading into a recession at the time he took over. but he didn't make it better. he made things worse. and he made things worse through a series of actions which hurt the economy at the time it was supposed to be take off. the recovery is extraordinarily
2:13 pm
anemic because of things he did made that recovery worse. >> michael reagan, political consultant and chairman of the reagan group joins me now. welcome. so talk to me about this. he's going straight after the president. he's in the lead in most these polls. we'll show everybody in just a moment. is this a good strategy for him? >> it's a good strategy for him. by going after his opponents he brings them to his level. he he wants to go after the real prize, which is of course boik. mitt romney wants to be president of the united states. and he needs to be hitting on barack obama. michele bachmann is also going off barack obama. my dad would be proud of the facts that the 11th amendment is being held to in this
2:14 pm
campaign. martha: no shooting within the tents of the republican party. let's take a look at this new hampshire poll. he was there over the 4th of july. 35% for mitt romney. michelle back man at 12. ron paul and giuliani is registering though he has not announced. this is a strong suit, new hampshire for mitt romney. >romney. >> it is strong. new hampshire is next door to massachusetts. it's a big state for romney. he has to win new hampshire. he could afford to lose iowa has ronal reagan proved in the 1980s. but you have to win new hampshire and go on from there. hopefully mitt romney learned a lot from the last time around. but people want to know is he really the guy for me. is he speaking to me?
2:15 pm
mitt romney has a tendency to speak down to people. why michelle balk hon does well is she has a tendency to talk to people. people want to be talked to. they want somebody who is going to talk with them, not at them. mitt romney has a habit of speaking at people or down to people. he has to learn to talk to them. martha: how do you think this shakes out? we have to big players. how do you receive this all shaking out? >> i don't think rudy giuliani will get anywhere. he's a great mayor of new york web's great for the party. but i don't think he will run for president of the united states. i think rick perry might jump in depending on if he's able to raise enough money to do battle against the mitt romneys and michele bachmann. three times elected governor of the state of tngs. texas is a turn-around state.
2:16 pm
it has been creating jobs and just signed tort reform. rick perry might be a great addition to this event. you will find out if rick perry gets in how strong the support is. when you look at rick perry, michele bachmann and our friend from massachusetts, mitt romney, it could be 3 strong people trying to vie for the nomination of the party come this 2012. >> i want to take a moment to take a look at this new statute that was unveiled of your father in london as part of the ongoing centennial celebration of his life and tbirts which would have been 100 years before that. this is a tribute to his great friendship with margaret thatcher and their great collaboration and many things. >> unfortunately there is no margaret thatcher in london
2:17 pm
today. it's leaderless world at this time. it was nice to see the statue unveiled in loan done. they named the highway or road after my father in contract coul -- father inkrakow. and i'll be throwing out the first pitch at a chicago cubs game against the cincinnati reds with my son and daughter as they celebrate ronald reagan day in chicago. martha: good to have you here. michael reagan. coming up there will be is new information on the suspect in a deadly rampage at one of our largest military bases. how the accused fort hood shooter will be tried and what we are learning about the sentence that he could face. this is big news this afternoon. how about this. a hole rips open the roof of an airplane in flight.
2:18 pm
how recorded conversations between the controllers and the pilots on that plane that are not to be believed. we'll play some of that for you coming up next. stick around to hear that. you can't believe it. >> whom that? southwest 8-12
2:19 pm
2:20 pm
2:21 pm
martha: one nor says negotiations on the date are being held up for what he calls
2:22 pm
child's play. ben nelson says you cannot reduce the debt by cuts and tax hikes. he's comparing the negotiations to something you can buy at toys are us. smart phone florida fanatic, verizon is canceling unlimited plans. you heard about this in the tease. a 6-foot hole ripped through the roofer of a plane in flight. now a dramatic cockpit recording from that frightening episode are out. we are heaging what went on went air traffic controllers and the pilots. it was plane forced to make an emergency landing in yuma, arizona.
2:23 pm
>> reporter: this 812 from phoenix to sacramento. the pilot radioed the tower with a normal conversation. then the pilot radios the again. that conversation was inaudible. so now listen to what the pilot says after air traffic controls response to the inaudible comment. play this. >> he said we lost the cabin. it's unknown whether he meant a chunk of the cabin or the cabin pressure. there is a five-foot rip in the fuselage. clearly the pilot needs to get to a lower altitude.
2:24 pm
>> reporter: the reason the pilot need to get down below 10,000 feet is because that's when the passengers don't need to rely on oxygen. but now he has to find a place to land. he wanted to go back to phoenix. it was too far. how about palm springs, too far. here is the pilot. listen. >> reporter: he did land in yuma, but not for another 12-14 minutes. you have got a hole in your plane. you are wearing mask and you have no idea if the rest of the plane is going remain intact.
2:25 pm
there you are crucial along the desert. unbelievable. martha: this is the second time we have seen a hole in the roof of a page. are they too old and falling apart? >> reporter: that plane is going back into service sometime in the next month or so. they are going to paste you have and send sit off. when it happened to aloha airlines in haight was because of the ocean air. the sea salt degraded the metal. but this is a plane that flies in the desert mostly. southwest is still unexplained exactly how that thing broke away. march were thank you very much. all right. there are new concern today about what may add to pilot fatigue. we are talking about plane fatigue and pilot fatigue. the big question is their commute. one in five pilots lives 750
2:26 pm
miles away from work. scientists say it isn't clear if they begin their work from those adresses or if they get a chance to rest before they report to work. all right. the green movement build as an organized effort to save our planet. why there are new concerns sit could increase state control over our lives. john stossel has been looking into that. he will be here in a moment to break that down live. those invasive airport security patdowns. no match for terrorists. the latest tactic that they may be work on turning their own body into bombs. what can be done to stop them. we are going to go in depth on that moment away. and the casey anthony verdict shock. compared to a jury's decision against o.j. simpson.
2:27 pm
ron goldman's father joins us live to weigh in. >> jurors number 12, is this your verdict? >> the clerk is directed to record the verdict as read. parties agree to waive.
2:28 pm
2:29 pm
2:30 pm
martha: the army psychiatrist accused of a massacre at a u.s. military base. we just learned could face the death penalty in that case. major nadal hassan charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder for allegedly opening fire at fort hood in texas. hassan will be tried in a military court. james rosen is on the story for us. this breaking news this afternoon. he joins us from with more. >> an attorney tells fox news he's not surprised at this ruling from the u.s. army.
2:31 pm
saying the institution has long made clear its intent to treat his client this way. as a formal matter a sean's case has been referred for trial to a general court martial that's authorized to consider death as a punishment. a military judge will receive the case but that individual has not been named. april 5, 2009 it came under siege from a gunman who witnesses said opened fire in a small crowded medical center. he reportedly shouted arabic forgot is great. hasan was shot by police that day and is paralyzed from the waist down. his attorney seen on the right of your screen told fox news he just happened to be visiting hasan when an army process server served notice on his decision. he claims fort hood commanding
2:32 pm
officer donald campbell who made today's decision failed to turn over critical documents including the pretrial legal advice that he received from a judge advocate. i wonder if he alerted the ceo to the fact we are still missing discovery from the white house and awaiting results from the d.o.d. investigation. heed ad because he learned about this ruling at the same time as the news media, he still has not had what he calls a meaningful conversation with major hasan about the fact that he now faces the death penalty. martha: thanks thank you very much. james rosen in washington. so that's the story we mentioned a moment ago. the growing threat of human bombs on airplanes. the tsa warning airlines of the
2:33 pm
possiblability of surgically implanted explosives. saying terrorists have been talking about it for a while. but now according to this intelligence they are seriously considering it. you and i have spoken many times about tsa and how they are doing their jobs. how are they going to cope with this? >> let me gift intelligence community for tracking this and spotting it. the tsa will do the best job they can. even just as importantly all our overseas partners, every one working to to make sure we combat the latest developments by the enemy. they proceeded along -- it was a year and a half ago in saudi
2:34 pm
arabia where they put explosives in the human body. before that we hadley kid explosives out of london. the christmas day bombing. so it's up to us to make sure we stay ahead of them and we don't let them be able to carry out one of these attacks. martha: how do you detect it in the current system, the best ones we have, they don't appear to find anything like this. >> first of all we have intelligence and there are going to be procedures implemented at the airports around the world. but there are going to be procedures implemented by we believe if done right can be effective and should be effective and should be able to counter this threat. it one be easy, but i believe it can be done if everyone does what they are supposed to do. martha: the word profiling comes up. but unless you are going start to take a look at someone who is
2:35 pm
sweating or nervous, and start asking them questions, i don't know how they are going to stop to be in this situation. are those the kind of measures you are talking about? >> i believe there should be more done as far as questioning and finding out who is on a flight. anyone who could and potential threat. and using various guidelines how that should be done and carry out various times of interrogations. all that should be done. i don't want to go any further than that. i believe you will see increased methods being used at the the airports about it screeners. i believe if done effectively it may be convenient to some on some occasions. if done right. people realize howe sear why its is. if anything good comes out of this. it should be a wakeup call. and not always being concerned about what inconvenience you may have at the moment. we have known about this for
2:36 pm
some time. we now we may be at a different stage where they may be willing to consider using it. that's what's in someone's mind when you are going to ask a question and going through a procedure you don't think is overly important at the time. we just saw this guy who used expired boarding passes. able to get through these official.. i hope they take this seriously. >> i know the homeland security committee is. about it is important. every tsa person out there, every screern around the world including our partners. this is not a game. this always scare tactic. this is for real and we have to work together. martha: thank you, congressman peter king. always good to talk to you. seeing red over going green. new concerns the movement to
2:37 pm
save our planet could turn into a one-way ticket to more state control of our lives. that is the position of john stossel who joins me now. he's the anchor of "stossel" on the fox business network. >> if you want state control one way to get is to scare people. the green movement is another. if you can say we are all going to die, we are going to drown, the oceans will rise if you don't do what we say. it's an invitation to giving more power to the central planners. we covered a bunch of those on my show. martha: you talk about the green movement say can it leads to a loss of self with power and telephone control. how? >> you are saying the government must decide what lightbulbs you can have. how much you want to pay for things. margaret thatcher called the route to socialism.
2:38 pm
this week america celebrated our independence from the oppressive british government. but every year our government gets bigger and more like the row pressive british government the founders declared independence from. >> what donnelly spending whatever we have left. this british politician has a warning to marriage cans. don't be like us. riots in london over the weekend. but it may be too late for america says ann coulter because liberals are in charge and they are a mob. >> are they trying to gain power for themselves? >> yes. >> liberals want government that's even bigger. this is a road that is described as the road to serfdom. who is hyak.
2:39 pm
if you google him you get this hayek. that theory came from economist john maynar d keynes. martha: interesting. >> keynes was wrong and hayek was right. but politicians still listen to keynes. martha: this is a weird week. tomorrow is thursday. we'll catch up on stossel tomorrow night 9:00. 10:00. like i said. coming up. 10:00 tomorrow night. john stossel. it's great, look forward to it. thank you so as much for being
2:40 pm
here. it was one of the most watched trials in history. americans coast to coast glued to the casey anthony legal saga. that had some remembering the last time they felt like they felt yesterday. another high-profile murder trial. fred goldman at the center stage of the o.j. simpson trial. he joins us live on the possibility of is ay an thony walking away scot-free. that's moments away. the shuttle atlantic set for one final you are taken call. but there is one thing stands next way of nasa's final launch. p
2:41 pm
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2:44 pm
began 30 years ago. about 45,000 guests of the kennedy space center will get v.i.p. access for an up close view. they include members of congress, diplomats, celebrities. up to a million people are expected to show up at the launch to witness history on friday. but the big question is will the sunshine show up information that events? >> reporter: the pressure is on. i would say maybe not friday. saturday looks better. sunday it looks the best out of the three days. by let's take a look at it real quick. things can change. but look at all this tropical moist we are watching moving northward from the caribbean. this is one of the culprits. you seat heavy moisture. this is a good news situation for south florida. they are into an exceptional
2:45 pm
drought. but the bad news is, yes it could affect the space shuttle takeoff. 11:26 friday. showers, thunderstorms in the have it. i want to show you that window of opportunity as we head into friday. you can see the showers and thunderstorms starting to develop. so we are going to be watching is from the fox weather center. we'll give you have the latest information. friday looking iffy. we'll keep you posted. martha: back to this story. the casey anthony verdict came down live right here on this show yesterday. many across the nation were stunned by the not guilty after not guilty after not guilty verdict they heard in that courtroom. for a lot of people it started to feel a little bit like this moment that you see on your screen, bringing back the memories of another sensational trial 16 years ago.
2:46 pm
that moment o.j. civil on was found not guilty in the murders of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. >> superior court of the state of california, county of los angeles in the matter of the people of the state of california against orenthal i am on. we find simpson not guilty of the crime of murder upon ronald lyle goldman a human being as charged in counts 2 of the information. martha: across the courtroom you saw that ron goldman and his daughter as she dissolved in tears, sock uncontrollably. joining me is ron goldman's father, fred goldman with his reaction to yesterday. thank you for being here today. did you watch the verdicts yesterday? >> i did not. i certainly heard it but i didn't watch it, no.
2:47 pm
martha: what was your reaction? >> i was not surprised. i followed the trial, and it didn't surprise me because there just was the hard evidence that i think was necessary to convict someone. there certainly are issues she lied about. by hard evidence was missing. and for that reason, i just wasn't surprised. what i was surprised at is the relationship that people seem to have taken. i understand the emotional reaction to the anthony verdict. a child is gone, and we want someone to be held accountable. but reality is in our case, there was tons of evidence, hard evidence to prove his guilt, and he was found not guilty and got away with murder.
2:48 pm
martha: marcia clark came out and spoke about this. she said she thinks this was even worse in terms of the job that the jury dade in assessing the evidence in this case than the o.j. case. she disagrees with you on that. >> then we'll disagree. i failed to see the hard evidence that existed in the anthony case. it just wasn't there. and fit just wasn't there. then unfortunately the verdict is not what people want to hear, because when want to see someone as i said a second ago be held accountable. and that didn't happen. martha: a lot of people said we live in a csi society now. that juries want hard dna evidence, they want that kind of proof at this stage of the game. and circumstantial cases which there is a huge judicious history based on sir station history that held up fine for
2:49 pm
many years. but the -- >> i'm not even sure there was circumstantial evidence that was solid enough in this case to convict her. look, there is a child that's gone. and i want to see somebody held accountable as well. the system works sometimes. the is the system works more often than not. i would have loved to have seen someone held accountable. and i don't know that her mom was the one that was going to be held accountable. martha: it's interesting you say you believe in the system after what you and your family went through, even given all that. you didn't lose your faith in the american judicial system after that. >> i know on a day-to-day basis there is people convicted of
2:50 pm
crimes correctly. every single day. does it work 100% of the time? no. but i think the majority of the time it works. it worked in our civil case without question. we all want to see somebody pay the price so to speak when there is a crime done. and i'm certainly one of those. but if the evidence just doesn't proffer it, then i think we have to accept what happened here. i don't like it any more than anybody else that no one is going to go to prison for this. but that many our system. martha: fred goldman within thank you so much for take something time. it's good to talk to you, sir. fred goldman who knows the feeling all too well of being in that courtroom and getting that verdict. we'll take a look ahead and be
2:51 pm
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martha: it is a find worth billions. gold coins. jewels, statues. encrusted with precious gems discovered inside a hindu temple in southern india. now the top court is ordering a curator to protect and preserve the underground treasure controversy. >> reporter: this is in southern india. it's a hindu temple that many extraordinarily popular. one local lawyer worried about the security. he filed a claim and they brought in a new security team. made a sweep, and what did they find? they find six vaults that have
2:55 pm
not been opened since the 16th century. when they opened up those vaults, what does it looks like? it has bags of diamond. 18-foot gold necklace. 42 pieces of precious gems and statues of gods and goddesses. those gods and goddesses were encrusted in diamond. so far five of the sick vaults have been opened up. the early estimate saying this thing could be anywhere from $22 billion to $220 billion. some of those people there believe that all that should go to the government. they should take that money and help the people who are poor in india. others say do not give it to the government. we should make that a museum. and apparently the indian supreme court decided that's exactly what they should do with it. so for now that temple is a museum where you can go in and see all the cool stuff.
2:56 pm
but what awesome history. 400 years of vaults that nobody knew about these things. all those were donated over hundreds and hundreds of years. the locals as they -- in gratitude they would bring a piece of gold or a diamond and they were put into these vawlts. martha: what a story. i assure you it's far more interesting than my closet. though i wish my clothes was like that. very cool story. thank you very much. you know, cubic zirconia goes a long way. we have continuing coverage coming up this afternoon of the stunning casey anthony verdict. she was still convicted of lying to police about her daughter's disappearance. what we can expect at this sentencing hearing tomorrow morning, that many coming up
2:57 pm
straight ahead. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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ensure! nutrition in charge! martha: that is it for today, thank you for watching. "studio b" with shepard smith is rolling right now. >>shepard: the news begins anew, on "studio b" in box number one today. casey anthony is a liar but she does not murder her 2-year-old daughter caylee says the jury. now, what's next for the former mother who partied instead of reporting her ht

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